We are to be evicted

The saddest day. We are given notice to leave the house we hoped to grow old in.
Two and a half years ago we moved into a house as tenants. The house was an old farm house and looked dilapidated but used to being able to do the inside of rentals up as is legal in Holland that did not deter us. the landlady was the mother of a permaculture friend of hours and in the back of the section there was an overgrown foresty area that was just waiting to be converted into a food forest.

Now two and a half years later we are in front of the tenancy tribunal. We have taken our landlady there to force her to do somthing about the state of the house. The carpet (I hate carpets and would have paid for laminate to be put in) the curtains the bathroom and the kitchen are all in a state of collapse and we still have not been allowed to put in a fireplace event though we were promised that we would be able to do that. This is the third winter in an unheated house and we have had enough.

It has become apparent that our landlady wants to keep the house as a mausoleum to her dead mother and that everything we tried to do to bring this place to life was not acceptable. The fruit trees are fruiting again, the hedges are shorter so you can see the view and the beaxk lot contains fruittrees which we will have to dig out and transplant. It also has become clear that even though her oldest son and our friends attempts to at least convert a small part of the family farm although supported by our landlady in talk is actively sabotaged by her actions.

In retaliation to us asserting our rights she has given us notice. The adjudicator has recognised it as retaliatory but she couldn’t stop our landlady from giving us 90 days notice.

We realise that it is time to move on but we also grief because in order to satisfy our landlady we have to kill the place we so lovungly tried to revive.

Thanks to my father in law though we might be able to buy a place and in the next couple of weeks we will know.

I’ll keep you posted.


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