Bill Gates envisions fighting hurricanes by manipulating the sea

If you thought domination of the world’s software market was cool, get a load of Bill Gates’ next technological vision: giant ocean-going tubs that fight hurricanes by draining warm water from the surface to the depths, through a long tube.

A second tube could simultaneously suck cool water from the depths to the surface.

Microsoft founder Gates and a dozen other scientists and engineers have a patent pending for deploying such vessels, which they say would collect water through waves breaking over the walls of the tub. Some variations have the water moving through turbines on their way down, which would in turn generate electricity to suck up the cooler water.

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One response to “Bill Gates envisions fighting hurricanes by manipulating the sea

  1. eddy f mc dougall

    There are thermal conveyor belts that circumnavigate the globe underneath, they function at different levels controlling climatic conditions and keep the currents in natural balance within the oceans eco system, if you try to change the surface and lower temperature and displace this natural course that has been in place for many millions of years due to the rotation of the earth a few degrees, you can alter the course and create a catastrophic failure of the thermo belts and you can shut them down, by doing so you will create a dead sea and most probably bring about another ice age, you will kill off every living organizing living under the sea by changing the salt distribution and increasing the levels sporadically. My advise to bill gates and his team of scientist is for us to get together and device a way to remove all the plastic that is floating in our ocean without removing the plankton which is so needed and is depleting so that we can keep the Ocean and eco system alive, the only Ocean we have, we will also provide a sustainable future for the next generation. Bill do you know that we have kill off 40 % of all life forms in the past 25 years in the Ocean! And what we are doing to it the at present time is decimating it and every living organism that keep the planet in check. I have a lot of Ideas and would love to sit down with you if you so care to make a difference. One solution is to see how government and nations can bring about a change through policy and laws that actually sway the attitude of people who have no idea what is happening with our planet at this time especially the super oil tankers from their continue abuse, they are subjecting the eco system from their vessel cleaning out at sea. I also think that you really have no idea how to create a planet or an eco system the way our heavenly father created this one, if you did you would not be playing his hand it is not something that is achieved through physical means it is achieved through the gift of the holy priesthood. We were given dominion over all things, in the water, the air, and every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth, we were also commanded to multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it; to have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that creepeth upon the earth, we were never commanded to pollute it and to destroy what was created, but instead in the later century following the industrial revolution we are defeating the purpose for which life was put on the earth, to satisfy our means, life that was created long before we ever walked on the surface of this planet. We are destroying the ecosystem in the ocean, which is the most fragile thing on this planet. Yes I do want a dialogue with you.

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