Fonterra eyes impact of emissions trading

And those farmers who voted for National thinking that the fart tax would disappear. I pity them. Welcome our new masters, the ruling banking elite; The New World Order.

The Emissions Trading Scheme, as it stands, would sink Fonterra’s plans to grow milk production by between 1 and 3 per cent each year.

“If you put the system that was in against the dairy industry then you would have a 5 per cent drop-off in production because of the extra cost to the farmer and the extra costs to Fonterra,” said Fonterra chief executive Andrew Ferrier.

It’s Ferrier’s view the cost of carbon emissions should be carried by the farmers rather than by Fonterra.

“If it’s paid on-farm every farmer gets treated the same and it’s the farmer who can adjust.

“If you want to push change we can’t change it, the farmer can.”

However it works, a drop in production was counter to Fonterra’s growth plans, he said.


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