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Outrage as Key signals national park mining

When it was leaked that John Key was assisted in his attempts to be elected as the new Prime Minister of New Zealand by the PR company Crosby and Textor I decided to check out the website of the PR company and guess what I found; the chair of their board was a man called the Crispigny. It turned out that this man was a hot shot in the Aussie mining world. I was just a matter of putting one and one together to realise that John Key was a sock puppet for the international banking and mining world. Their goal? Bankrupting New Zealand to get their hands of the few remaining untouched mining resources.

Revelations that more conservation land will be mined, whatever the outcome of public consultation, have drawn vehement opposition from environmental groups, who say conservation land is about to be destroyed.

The Government is planning to consult the public over opening up more land for mining, but Prime Minister John Key signalled to Parliament yesterday that there would be significant changes to which areas are protected.

Schedule 4 of the Crown Minerals Act protects about a third of the conservation estate from mining because of its conservation value. That equates to 13 per cent of New Zealand’s land mass.

It is expected that the Government will seek consultation this month on removing land in Coromandel and the Mt Aspiring, Kahurangi, Fiordland and Paparoa national parks from Schedule 4.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said it appeared Mr Key had already decided the outcome of the public consultation process, before the public had been given an opportunity to see what was being considered.

“Clearly he is proposing an unlawful process.”

The result would be that some of the most important ecological land would be destroyed, causing irreparable damage to New Zealand’s green image and tourism industry.

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