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Key’s economic growth package just tax cuts in disguise

For those of us slogging away finding our pay travels less and less along the shelves of cheapie places like Pack and Save and more and more low and middle incomes faltering and people losing their jobs in record numbers facing more and more draconian welfare laws it is good to know that the John Key’s of this world won’t go hungry.

Wait patiently for three months for the real oil in the Budget before passing judgment on the Government’s latest and seemingly insipid prescription for shifting New Zealand’s sluggish-performing economy into the growth fast-lane.

That is the message from Government insiders. Only then, they say, will the exact extent of sweeping tax cuts planned to take effect from this October become evident.

National took a fair bit of stick yesterday in the aftermath of the Prime Minister’s tabling of his Government’s new 23-page economic and social policy programme in Parliament – most of it without flinching.

The Government remains unconcerned that between now and the Budget in late May, Labour and the Greens might sway those on middle and lower incomes into believing they will suffer from the projected rise in GST from 12.5 to 15 per cent.

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