One day I woke up to the fact that one of the most subversive actions a human being can engage in today is to grow his or her own food. It was an overwhelming realisation. Just think of this. To put some seeds in the ground and take care of the plants until you can harvest them to eat them is now an act of subversion to the rule of rich an the powerful.

As human beings we are no longer able to sustain ourselves. We live in huge unsustainable cities and are wholly dependant on supermarkets and international Agribusiness, and Food corporations. Our food comes from all over the world and is produced in third world countries at cut throat prices. Small local farmers can not compete with these prices and are driven out of business. They have to sell their land to the same corporations that have driven them out of business in the first place, and they have to find other jobs or work for slave wages on the land they used to own.

We have been robbed as human beings of our right to provide food for ourselves. The amount of allotments for city folk who wanted to grow their own food has been decimated, the price of land has been artificially driven up by unscrupulous bankers through housing bubbles and real estate booms. It would be too expensive to grow your own food even if you tried.
Food in it self has become a caricature, the cardboard the hundreds of different “healthy” sugar laden cereals are packed in contains more “food” than the refined foodlike products million of people eat everyday. Obesity is on the rise while more people are undernourished because they eat “food” that is more devoid of Food than ever before. Whole communities live on food like substances and fat laden fast food, and have absolutely no concept of what real Food even looks like.
Scores of people don’t know how to prepare real Food, let alone make it palatable or attractive. People forced to eat actual healthy wholesome Food because the have physical condition that does not allow them to continue on this miserable diet of processed rubbish don’t feel like they have been given an second chance, they feel punished.
So have we been manipulated by corporate advertisement that has estranged us from the food our ancestors ate, that we don’t even recognise real Food anymore. I know children who are repulsed by the thought that food comes from the land, and who will only eat food that comes packed in plastic.

I have taught children how to make cheese and they were in shock over the process. Cheese to them is an artificially yellow coloured lump that comes packed in plastic. They are so far removed from the cow, milk, and the process of making it that some of them actually gave up on eating cheese when they found out.

We are so far out of touch with our stomachs and our bodies and our capacity to judge Food, that we don’t realise that the only reason we are being sold the processed garbage is because it makes a ton of money for the corporate food Giants.

Just one example: If you insist on eating potato chips. Go out buy yourself a bag of preferably locally produced potatoes and locally produced sunflower oil, slice the potatoes wash and dry them and deep fry them until golden, add a little salt and vinegar and eat. You have now produced a delicious potato chip from “real” potatoes at a fraction of the cost. No plastic, not artificial taste enhancers and no carbon miles.

In supermarkets the prices are going up almost daily. Yet, the food production costs have not gone up, but the fuel prices to get the food from all the corners of the earth to were people need it has quadrupled in the last 7 years. We are paying extortionist prices for food that has a carbon footprint the size of Manhattan and yet we dare not change our lives for fear we will not have enough. We are addicted to the supermarkets and oil and we fail to see that this is so unsustainable that it will collapse in the very near future. In fact with the collapse of the international monetary world we may already see the onset of what will inevitable be the end of the world as we have known it.

It is almost impossible to escape from this treadmill if you live in a big city, real organically produced Food is expensive
and for most of us the supermarket is the only place were we can buy affordable food. We are truly prohibited to do what human beings have always done. Hunt, gather and grow our own food. To grow food is almost an act of rebellion. For those of us who are lucky to have a couple of tubs to grow tomatoes or lettuce in, it is like saying no to the corporate machine that controls the very nourishment we need to stay alive. If you do you become like me; a Subversive Foodie.

If you already grow your own Food ,and don’t have to go to supermarkets then you have made an important step to taking your life back, and I salute you, my friend, brother and sister in garden tools ( I don’t believe in arms) If you don’t then I hope this Diary will give you inspiration to follow our path and even if you start with one tub you can do so.

Trust me, I have done it for years.

My husband and I saw the writing on the wall some years ago and we fled. We are the lucky ones. We could escape into what I can only describe as Paradise. With alittle help we were able to buy a beautiful section of land, far away from noise, and people and we have begun our journey back to the future. Learning how to live sustainably by rediscovering how people did it in the past, while adding the knowledge of today’s environmentally friendly technology to keep it physically from being to exhausting and impractical .

This is my diary to chronicle that journey while adding news and background information to keep it relevant as to why it is imperative for all of us to take up this journey one way or another.

Evelien Gilbert


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